Harrisburg-Kinship Specialist

The Kinship Specialist is responsible for performing multiple tasks related to Families United Network, Inc.’s kinship program which provides services to foster children, foster families, and provider agencies. All work shall be performed in accordance with Families United Network, Inc.’s purpose, philosophy, and policies, as well as all applicable laws and regulations. The values of this agency include: honesty, respect for individual rights, professional development, and all traditional social work values of individualization, non-judgmental attitude, confidentiality, acceptance and self-determination. The Kinship Parent Specialist is responsible for orientating and approving kinship parents and families to kinship parenting in a spirit of cooperation, encouragement and teamwork.

Job Info
Job Category: Social Work
Job Type: Full-Time
Zipcode: 17110
Posted: 11-11-2021
Career Level: Entry Level
Required Travel:
Start Publishing: 11-11-2021
Stop Publishing: 11-03-2022

Bachelor’s degree required (or actively and continuously pursuing a degree). Degree in social work or a related field preferred. Two years’ experience working with children and/or families preferred. Willingness, ability, and flexibility to travel as necessary. Ability to understand, accept, support, and implement agency philosophies and policies. Ability to develop and maintain appropriate professional relationships. Ability to work with adults and children from a variety of backgrounds. Ability to organize, facilitate, and participate in team initiatives and to solve administrative problems. Sensitivity to service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics.

  • Eligibility under current Pennsylvania legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Valid PA Driver’s License
  • Child Abuse Clearance
  • State Police Clearance
  • FBI clearance
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