I am:

Very familiar with, and have regular contact with Families United Network.
Familiar with one or more specific services, but not familiar with the organization as a whole.
Unfamiliar and have little contact with the organization or knowledge of its services.

The category below best describes my relationship to Families United Network:

Regulatory body
Governing or advisory board
Volunteer or intern
Community service provider
Private or international adoption client

My preference for receiving information like this is via:


Please rate the following 10 statements from "strongly agree" to "disagree".

Strongly Agree Agree Somewhat Agree Disagree Not Applicable
The organization's facilities are well-maintained.
The location of the office is convenient.
The hours of service are convenient.
Information about the agency's services are available.
The agency is sensitive to my individual needs.
The agency maintains confidentiality practices.
The agency is cooperative in our contact together.
Personnel are qualified and competent in their job.
The people I have come in contact with are respectful.
I would recommend this agency to others.