Arborvale Manor

The Arborvale Manor program is a 6-9 month Supervised Independent Living program that is geared toward adolescent males, ages 15-20, who have maintained satisfactory educational progress, have demonstrated the ability to function appropriately with a minimal level of supervision, and have consistently utilized appropriate social skills and coping mechanisms to maintain appropriate interaction with their peers, staff and the community. Residents are expected to maintain gainful employment or volunteer in the community while in the program.

A phase system, including a stipend for phase and life skill curricula completion, is utilized to measure progress.

The Arborvale Manor facility is located at 2016 Millersville Pike, Lancaster, PA. The facility provides ample space for 8 adolescent males in a group home setting. Both indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities are available on grounds. The home is situated in close proximity to both Millersville and Lancaster, PA, which is conducive to employment opportunities, community events and activities, and educational opportunities.

The Arborvale Manor program provides a progressive life skills centered experience to acquaint male youth with the realities of independent life, encourage personal growth and development, and to empower youth to make well rounded decisions. The program offers youth an opportunity to develop confidence, dignity, and the skills to function independently. Experiential living skills are used on a daily basis to strengthen existing skills and develop new skills. Areas of focus include money management and consumer awareness, food management, personal appearance, health issues, housekeeping, transportation planning, educational and career planning, job seeking skills, job maintenance skills, emergency and safety skills, knowledge of community resources, interpersonal skills, legal skills, leisure activities, housing arrangements and spirituality. The program also has an emphasis on discharge planning to reintegrate youth into the community of their choice following program completion.