I Want to Adopt

Families United Network, Inc. reaches out to birth mothers who may be seeking adoption services in the state of Pennsylvania. Our program only accepts a limited number of families at a time to our list.

If a pregnant woman is receiving services from Families United Network, Inc. and decides to make an adoption plan, the client’s interest in an adoptive family is explored. Once the client has selected a family a meeting will be arranged if both parties are interested.

Families United Network, Inc. assigns a social worker to work directly with the pregnant client and another social worker to work directly with the potential adoptive family. This provides the best possible and unbiased support for both sets of clients.

Families United Network, Inc. accepts only a limited number of available families to assist in a decreased waiting time for placement. If you are interested in these services, please contact the agency directly to discuss your options and our availability.

Contact us at -1-800-722-0136, or
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