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Families United Network is dedicated to assisting your family through your unique international or domestic adoption journey. The first step in your journey is to complete a home study. We will help you through this process and make it as transparent as possible.

The home study can be personalized to meet the needs of the placement agency (Primary Provider) you may be working with. Our home study services are available to the entire state of Pennsylvania and we have flexible scheduling options.

The home study steps include:

  1. We will review your inquiry information
  2. We will return the Application, Retainer Agreement and Deposit
  3. You will receive a handbook with instructions and forms needed to complete the home study
  4. We will contact you to schedule your first home visit
  5. You will participate in a home interview with us
  6. You will complete the forms, documents, clearances, health statement, training and references needed for a home study and make sure we receive them.
  7. We will work with your placement agency to ensure the home study meets their needs for the adoption. We will review the interagency agreements.
  8. We will give you and your placement agency copies of your completed home study.
  9. We will always track the expiration dates of your home study to ensure compliance.

 Placement of a Child: Post Adoption/Placement Services

Once your family is matched with a child and you return home together, we will provide you with the post adoption or post placement services needed. Your needs will depend upon the state or country your child is from.

Why choose Families United Network, Inc.

Families United Network, Inc. is a non-profit and Hague Accredited Adoption Agency. We provide International and Domestic home study services for families in Pennsylvania. Our experienced adoption specialists will provide your family with personal and professional services at all stages of the adoption process.

Our agency provides a variety of pre and post adoption services and home studies to families throughout Pennsylvania. Families United Network has established relationships with experienced adoption professionals, agencies, and attorneys to assist with our adoption programs. When you choose Families United Network, you can be confident that you will receive honest and professional support, education, and assistance throughout your entire adoption journey.

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