Adoption Process

There are many steps to the adoption process, whether you contact us in advance or at the last phase will dictate that amount of time for each step. Each adoption experience is unique, but we can help you at any point within your pregnancy. We will help explain the process the process to you as well as your rights and the rights of the birth father.

We will assist you in working through the adoption steps:

Step 1: Deciding if Adoption is right for you and your situation: Our staff will meet with you one on one and provided the needed amount of counseling to you to help you make an informed decision about parenting or making an adoption plan. We will also assist you in contacting the birth father if needed. We can help answer questions such as:

  • What if the birth father is uncooperative, uninterested, or unknown
  • What if the birth father is known and agrees to the adoption plan, can he be involved?
  • What if the birth father does not agree to the plan

Step 2: Making an Adoption Plan: Our staff will work with you to guide you in planning for appropriate medical care for you and the unborn child. We will contact the hospital in advance and assist in their cooperation in following your adoption and birth plan.

We will assist you in the legal paperwork required and collection of medical and social history. We understand the process can be overwhelming, so we are there to help.

Step 3: Selecting an Adoptive Family: We will provide you with additional staff to help in the selection of an adoptive family. We will support your decision to meet the and talk with the family in advance before making the any final decisions. Or if you wish to remain anonymous we will also support that decision as well. We will provide you with two adoption social workers, one to work with you directly, and one to work with the adoptive family separately.

Step 4: After Birth: We will be there to assist you in the paperwork, counseling, and discharge planning from the hospital.

Step 5: The Legal Process: The legal process can be overwhelming but we can help explain this you and continue to provide counseling and contact with you after the birth of the child for as long as needed. If you need professional services we can refer you to the many possible services with in your location. The basic legal process includes:

  • You will sign temporary contest in the hospital to tallow the adoptive family to see the child and go home with the child upon the child’s discharge from the hospital.
  • After 72 hours from the birth of the child you can sign full consent to the adoptive family. If you have been discharged from the hospital prior to this time period, we will come and visit you at your location.
  • You then have 30 days to reconsider your decision.
  • If the birth father is unknown, we must search for him to obtain his consent. If he is unknown, or not locatable we must wait 4 months before we ask the court for hearing.
  • Next the termination of parental rights court hearing is scheduled, and you must sign an acknowledgment of this notice. We will visit you in person to obtain this signature.
  • The court hearing will take place and if you have no objections you no need to attend.
  • After the termination of parental rights occurs, you will receive a copy of the information in the mail. The Adoptive family will proceed with their own attorney to schedule the finalization hearing.

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