What is Foster Care Adoption?

Are you thinking about expanding your family through adoption?  There are over 2,500 waiting children in Pennsylvania’s foster care system who are in need of an adoptive family.  Consider whether adoption might be right for your family!

Children who can no longer be cared for safely within their homes, for a variety of circumstances, may be placed in a foster home by order of the Court.  In some cases, this may be voluntary and in other cases, involuntary.  From the moment children are placed into foster care, county agencies are required to concurrently plan for reunification, as well as another permanency goal, such as adoption.  Out of home placement is a very scary experience for any child.  In an effort to minimize moving a child from home to home and creating further trauma, a family that is willing and able to foster a child and consider being a permanency resource for that child in the event that reunification is not achieved is preferred.  When children are not in pre-adoptive homes and reunification is not achieved, those children become available for adoption.